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June 1, 2018 Press Release.

Pathways Foundation Announces Funding for Support Group; Renews Vision to Assist Abuse Survivors

June 1, 2018 – As an organization with a clear mandate to promote healing and prevention, The Pathways Foundation renewed its vision for creating a brighter future for the people it represents at the Delta Hotel in St. John’s today.

Founded by clergy abuse survivor Gemma Hickey, The Pathways Foundation announced $1,000 in funding from the Provincial Government and $1,500 from the St. John’s Edge basketball team for the development of a support group to assist survivors who have been harmed within religious institutions.

Along with the development of a support group, Pathways also unveiled a promotional video, new logo, and resource website, available at

“Thanks to our incredible community partnerships, today’s contributions from the Provincial Government and St. John’s Edge will allow Pathways to continue to work towards prevention and provide a support group to help survivors take additional steps on the long road towards healing,” said Hickey. “Working together, we are building dialogue and ending the culture of silence surrounding the clergy abuse crisis.”

28 years ago today, on June 1, 1990 the Roman Catholic Church permanently closed Mount Cashel Orphanage. Newfoundland and Labrador still feels the wounds caused by the scandal that erupted in 1989 over allegations of widespread abuse of youth at Mount Cashel Orphanage in St. John’s.

In the years since, Canadians have learned of similar stories in other provinces and indigenous communities, which have their own horror stories of abuse and the harm it causes. Fittingly, June 1 also marks the start of National Aboriginal History Month, an opportunity to honour the heritage, contributions and cultures of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

“A priority for the Department of Justice and Public Safety is to ensure the justice system works for everyone, particularly victims who have been left behind. For survivors of sexual violence, it can be hard to put the pieces back together. The experience can be life altering and the impact is profound. We recognize that these victims need support on many levels and no one approach or service will meet the needs of all. We are pleased to support Pathways with $1000 to assist the important work they do to support survivors of abuse.” – Honourable Andrew Parsons, Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Attorney General

Providing encouragement for youth and support for community organizations – including Pathways – were hallmarks of the St. John’s Edge’s success during their inaugural National Basketball League season.

“The St. John’s Edge are proud to support The Pathways Foundation. The announcement of this support group will assist many individuals as they continue their journey of healing. The Edge are dedicated to being a team of the community and we hope that our support of this initiative will assist with the important efforts of the Pathways Foundation.” – Trevor Murphy, Assistant GM and Director of Team Operations

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Founder, The Pathways Foundation


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